Welcome to Ruach Chayah Prophetic Institute and Bible Seminary!  Earn your degree while staying at home and continuing your present work.  Tuition is $50 per month for certificate programs until you finish your course. The undergraduate and graduate fees are provided in our catalog. Because we believe in the importance of the Saints being educated in God's Word we have made the courses affordable for everyone at a fraction of the cost! 

RCPIBS offers Certificates, Undergraduate and Graduate course programs that offer emphasis in Theology, Christian Education, Christian Counseling, Prophetic Studies, Biblical Studies as well as others.  Life experience credits are available for previous Christian work and training.  This is an excellent educational opportunity for those in full time ministry or those working in the secular arena to take classes from their persoanal PC from home without the high costs of traditional college.
I invite you to take the time to look over the information offered here and see that Ruach Chayah Prophetic Institute and Bible Seminary offers a high-quality, practical, individualized method of studying God's Word while earning a degree.  Please look over the Degree Program offerings to view the classes that will equip you for your ministry. RCPI and Bible Seminary is recognized as a fully accredited Institution so credits can be transfered. I pray that the Lord will direct you in your Christian growth."
                                                                                    In Christ,
                                                                                    Dr. Candace House

".........And he declared to them how he had seen the Lord on the road, and that He had spoken to him,....." Acts 9:27
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